enjoying music with headphoneHeadphones are great companions especially in those moments that you want to be totally block out from the surrounding sounds around you. It is also ideal when you need to indulge in some hobbies just to pass time while waiting for your flight, bus or train. But first for you to enjoy great premium sound from your headphone, you really need to know how to choose a perfect and decent sounding pair that does not cost thousands of dollars. If you are a novice in selecting decent pairs of headphone, aside reading this article you can also visit http://www.nleweb.com/best-headphones-under-200/ and http://www.stereojunks.com/the-best-headphones-under-200-dollars/ for my tips and tricks in buying a powerful headphone set for your listening pleasure.

Overhead or in ear headphones? Ok, first of all you need to decide between the overhead and in ear headphone pairs. While may be no major differences in the two in terms of performance and the quality of audio notes that each produces, there is definitely some acute differences in the styles and usability of the two. While the overhead headphone pairs are ideal for professional DJs and other musical gigs like mixing, recording and so on, in ear headphones are mainly for ordinary folks who are neither into mixing or recording of music but needs a decent headpiece for listening to their favorite tunes from their phones and other digital musical players.

With that said, if you are a professional Dj that will obviously be using your headphone for mixing and recording music, then you should probably stick with the overhead pairs as they are designed to make your music recording and mixing task not only easy but also fun and exciting. Then for the music enthusiast that love staying up to date with the latest tunes from their favorite artist while on the move, the in-ear headphones will do just fine since you can easily travel with it without be inconvenienced since they are generally very portable and compactly designed.

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